Why E-commerce Summit?

E-Commerce is a Huge Opportunity growing at the rate of 35% CAGR in India and expected to cross the $100bn mark by 2020. Internet Access and Smart Phone Penetration is becoming deep and broad enabling more and more digital Consumers to shop online. There are several challenges and issues that have started happening including credit card theft, unauthorized billing in credit card, defective products, delinquency in service promised etc. We want the “Voice of Consumer” heard as well as the various “Security Issues and Challenges” discussed.

More Payment Paradigms are evolving and more and More Sectors have hopped on to E-Commerce. People also want to know about the GST and Tax related issues pertaining to E-Commerce. Govt of Tamil Nadu also wants to promote E-Commerce in a big way and would like to make suitable policy changes and remedial measures as needed.

This E-Commerce summit, one of the largest E-Commerce Summit and Exhibition in India is happening in India after a long gap to address the pent-up demand in the E-Commerce ecosystem amongst the various players, consumers and policy makers.

Hot Topics 

Key aspects for coverage


  1. Potential Opportunities and Scale-up in E-Commerce 
  2. Current Challenges in E-Commerce and Solutions
  3. Security issues in E-Commerce
  4. Consumer Awareness, Complaint mechanisms
  5. Next Generation E-Commerce (Mobile Commerce, Analytics, AI, AR/VR,…)
  6. Fulfilment Strategies
  7. Customer Experience & Marketing Strategies
  8. Does India have the capacity for more E-Commerce unicorns?
  9. Indian E-Commerce Situation vis-a-vis leading countries
  10. Payments and evolving landscape
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