This session will see the chief guest and other speakers set the context for the discussions in the Plenary sessions. Of course, the chief Guest and other guests will light the ceremonial “kuthuvilakku” and inaugurate the conference. The conference will also see the release of a Knowledge paper on E-Commerce highlighting the opportunities and challenges which will include a research survey done by the conference knowledge partner.

Exhibition will be open till the end of the day and about 30+ stalls are planned

11:40 a.m – 01:10 p.m

This session will cover E-commerce Trends, Digital Consumers, Marketing Strategies, More E-commerce Unicorns, Exponential Growth as well as highlight the huge Opportunity and potential ahead. This session will see 4 speakers in addition to the Session Chair.

01:10 p.m – 02:10 p.m

Lunch and Exhibition Visit

02:10 p.m – 03:40 p.m

This session will cover “E-commerce in Various Industries”, what is Next generation in E-commerce, Associated Technologies, GST aspects, Security Aspects etc. This session will see 4 speakers in addition to the Session Chair.

03:40 p.m – 04:30 p.m

Coffee / Tea + Exhibition Visits


The Panel discussion will cover the various Challenges, Payment ecosystem, Consumer Awareness & Rights, Entrepreneurship / Start-up wave in E-commerce, Policies and Governance Framework. This session will see 5 speakers in addition to the Panel Chair.

06:00 p.m to 06:20 p.m

Award Ceremony and Valedictory Function

This session will have a small awards function as well as the key takeaways from the summit. This session will see the Chief Guest sharing his / her experience and stress on the need for immediate focus on some key issues that will vastly enhance the entire E-Commerce ecosystem.

06.20 p.m  – 06.45 p.m

06:45 p.m – 7:00 p.m 

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