About Conference

Digital is rapidly pervading our lives and transforming products, services and business models. Digital also brings in high productivity, efficiency, significant cost reductions, self-service, personalization and is disrupting many of the existing processes. High and Hyper automation enabled by Digital has started causing significant job losses across Industries and is driving key behavioral and skilling challenges for the employees across enterprises.

This Digital Disruption and Transformation summit of FICCI enables discussion on the key trends and technologies that are driving change, bring focus on the impact across various end-user industries as well as service provider industries like IT and BPM and enable focused discussion on the Solutions, Skilling and Opportunities that are becoming evident in the new era of Digital and how the organization and individuals have to be prepared to survive and thrive in the world of “Digital Tsunami”.

This Digital Disruption and Transformation Summit and Exhibition of FICCI is partnered by NASSCOM, CIOKlub, SPIN, IEEE, CSI, PMI and  eWIT.

Hot topics at DDTS 2017 – “Digital Tsunami – Survive and Thrive” are :

1.   Digital Disruption & Transformation.

2.   Hyper Automation, Productivity
3.   AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Watson
4.   IOT, Cloud, Blockchain, Digital Marketing
5.   Impact to BFSI, Manufacturing, Automotive, Education, Media, Healthcare, IT and BPM Industries
6.   Industry 4.0, New Markets, New opportunities due to Digital Upskilling and Reskilling with Digital
7.   Ransomware, Cyber Security and Privacy
8.   Cashless economy
9.   Digital India, Startup India
10. Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
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